Brand Experience

Brand experience is where your story meets a physical space–in industry-speak, we call it Experiential Graphic Design (EGD). Each touchpoint in a physical space is an opportunity to speak your message and tell your brand story. Through carefully designed experiences, we help define exactly who you are and how your audience interacts with you. We create immersive, branded environments that are integrated into the architecture. Our brand experiences help define your space, inspire action, and engage your audience in their surroundings.

We've been doing EGD since before there was a name for it. We have decades of experience that has given us an edge in creating compelling spaces. We use sculptures, murals, infographics, dioramas, product models, digital experiences, and more. Our ability to not only design but also make things sets us apart from ad agencies or architects. We take concepts from early sketches to complete fabrication and installation. Our creations are custom, creative, and on target.

digital integration
experiential graphic design
exterior signage
interactive experiences
interior design
wayfinding or placemaking

Some other areas we dabble in

(okay, we more than dabble)