On your mark, get set, shoot!

Sometimes projects can take us in new directions. This one put our travel and design skills to the test. David hired us to help find a buyer for two large pieces of property located in the Okanagan Valley in Washington State. We first created an overall brand and then two mini-brands for each parcel. The idea was to promote new uses for each while also selling the Okanagan Valley as a tourist destination.

We tapped our videographer friend, Alex Arkeilpane, a.k.a. Funk from FunkHouse Media to help us concept, shoot, and edit three short videos that serve as a companion piece to the website and a quick introduction and enticement piece to the area.

We created all the graphic and narrative content first and then made the journey to document the properties. We were treated to tours of working cherry farms, and orchards, even a visit to the local VFW hall, where we showed off our midwestern billiard skills to the delight of the locals. Our trip coincided with last summer’s heatwave, so we shot most of our work in +100° temperatures. Overall we had a blast, met new friends, flexed our creative muscles, and got an inside look into an area of the country we’d not had the pleasure of visiting.

We developed an over arching entity called Okanagan Valley Land Company to market the two separate pieces of property. Our client is potentially interested in partnering with a developer. We used some historical references and western-influenced colors and type to create brand elements that worked for all entities.

Both of the new marks we created for the properties are based on branding irons (the original brand). Kernan’s Ranch has a more natural, rugged personality compared to the identity we created for Orchard Bay, the smaller, lake-front property that had been an orchard since the 1920s. We designed three potential development scenarios for each to act as a catalyst to inspire developers to discover the unique opportunities these pieces of property possess.

We shot video and still photography for three days, mainly working with the drone at sunrise and sunset and then gathering b-roll imagery during the days. In between, we wrote scripts, swam, edited, and interviewed. The result is a coordinated package designed to encourage inquiries and conversation. The videos can work independently or together. Maybe it’s time you thought about moving to Orville. I know we sometimes do.