Breathe new life into an iconic part of Cincinnati history? Oh yea, we did that.

Branding and experiential graphics for Hixson's new cafe?

Uh huh, definitely–and that's just Phase 1.

Sitting atop the historic Mt. Adams Incline, Hixson Architecture, Engineering, and Interiors has a long history with the city and the building they occupy. Hixson wanted to pay homage to the history of the building and one of the iconic Cincinnati inclines in their freshly renovated cafe.

We created a look for the space that was heavily influenced by the angles of the incline itself. Bright splashes of Hixson brand colors give historic images a sense of modernity while also leading visitors through the space.

A long hallway leads visitors and employees to The Incline Room. On the left, a wall of colorful triangles intermixed with historic images mimics the famous incline, building in momentum as you get closer the cafe. The hall terminates with a logo wall featuring a historic image of the Mt. Adams incline overlaid with bold slices of brand colors, reinforcing the idea of old meeting new. Once inside The Incline Room, a large graphic panel borrows similar language and displays facts about the history of the room. Bold color blocks in the graphic correspond to splashes of color in the surrounding interior design.

This project is just Phase 1 of a larger project we’re working on with Hixson involving the complete renovation of their entire building. We have partnered with them to tell their brand story through unique experiences that aim to pay homage to the vibrant history of the building, create spaces that continue to foster fresh ideas, and design experiences that encourage play and creativity.