Making Art Out of Anything

String art has been around for years, but our new installation at Otterbein University’s THE POINT takes the technique to another level. THE POINT is a revolutionary kind of educational facility that is part maker-lab and part innovation center. A diverse group of resident companies share the space and engage students in real-life business challenges and opportunities. We wanted to express Otterbein’s existing identity in a way that demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit that THE POINT embodies, so we scaled up the string art concept to produce a 24′ version of the Otterbein logo using over 600 steel pins and white shock cord. The logo feature demonstrates a dramatic new direction in teaching for a beloved institution.

We worked with WSA Studio to place the feature in a location that is seen clearly from the entrance. It is only upon closer inspection that the dimensionality and playfulness of the logo are appreciated. We strive to create branding elements that attract, engage and delight viewers using appropriate materials and fabrication methods.

Word "otterbein" on a red wall. Each letter made from series of criss crossing white string.
Details of string letters that make up the word "otterbein" on a red wall.
Detail of string art that makes up spelling of "otterbein" on red wall.